Converting SEO Leads Into Clients

In many cases, business owners are often unaware of terms such as SEO when you are cold calling in hopes of acquiring them as a client; this just leads to getting the phone hung up in your face.

This is where we come in. At Get Me SEO, we do the hard work for you. We have already done the research on these companies and checked out their website on Google to see what keywords they are ranking for. This takes the guessing game out, and eliminates the cold calling in search for potential clients, that may be wasting your precious time.

While it is true that many businesses (and people, in general) don't like unwanted communication, we have already communicated with these companies to know they are searching for the right agency to help grow their business. Therefore, they will be looking out for you!

What sets us apart from other SEO lead agencies is that we do not share leads with other companies; our leads are always exclusively sold, which means you will never have to worry about another competitor calling your potential client. After all, exclusive leads convert 75% better than shared leads, based on industry tests.


Best Tips To Get SEO Leads

Looking For SEO Services?

When seeking potential clients, and turning the potentials into legitimate clients, it is important to have all the necessary skills of being a highly skilled lead generator, as well as keeping up with social media, your web page design, and staying in contact with your clients. This is a lot of work for one person or a few people in a small company but is the best steps for a successful business.

You could hire a lead generator to do the business seeking for you, but with that you risk the high costs of the generator who may not even be so skilled anyways. Doing the generating yourself isn't the easiest thing to learn and often a waste of time trying to learn. It isn't the most fun task either, except maybe for those it comes a bit more naturally for. You need leads though, or else you risk having to close or downsize your business. Choosing to buy SEO leads is a profitable decision that can boost your website.

How Get Me SEO Can Boost Your SEO Business

Get Me SEO LLC sells SEO leads that are worth buying, that can afford you, and will grow your business. Many businesses go wrong when keeping prices lower than what competitors offer, as this results in clients who are both demanding but cannot afford you, and low prices being your only forte. Though it is smart to start your business with low prices, eventually you want to higher your prices especially as you reach more leads.

(When you are ready to higher your prices, have a "why" explanation for clients. Explain to them what they'll be receiving by paying you a higher price than your low-cost clients, such as web design services or free web tweaks when necessary. Explaining why paying them more than earlier clients is beneficial for them increases their likeliness to agreeing to your price, and many businesses follow this technique.)

A final reason to invest in SEO from our lead generation is that for businesses who spend all day making phone calls, for those who try to increase their social media page trafficking, and for those who don't have the lead generator skills, purchasing exclusive leads can dramatically increase your revenues and therefore profits. Buying leads from reputable companies, such as Get Me SEO LLC, can transfigure your company the way you'd like to see it.

Our leads are already potentials and already seeking business. Rather than spending the extra effort of generating your own leads, or hiring a very costly generator, buy from a reputable company. It omits the hassle and gets your business exactly where it needs to be.

For more information about how buying SEO leads will benefit you and your company, contact us as 646-450-2431 or at Learn how our leads will increase profits and revenues with minimal cost of labor.

Growing Digital Agencies With SEO Leads

Tips For Turning Leads Into Buyers

Marketing agencies looking to increase sales and buyers will benefit from buying SEO leads. Many agencies may have the tools for a successful business, but have no idea how to get SEO leads or how to turn leads into sales. Together with social media, finding key words relevant to what you're marketing can guarantee exclusive SEO leads becoming yours.

Leads are your potential buyers, as most salespeople are aware of. When you want to grow your business, using SEO is optimal for success as it can increase the chances of your webpage moving to the first page of Google. Only a small percentage of people will search the second or third page of a Google search before changing their verbiage. We sell SEO services to move you higher on the search engine, ethically.

In order to get a lead to become a buyer, there are some steps to follow:

Familiarize Yourself with the business that you want to sell to. Have an idea of the business model, the person you'd be talking to, and who their target audience is. This will not only increase chances of a sale, but also built rapport and trust between you and your client. Some companies suggest getting to know this information to build trust, avoid pointless questions, and to make sales, of course!

Call and Call and Call... and Call! Basically, keep calling. We all have different, busy, crazy schedules. There is no way of telling when someone's day off is, or their lunch break, or when they even start or finish working. Therefore, when you have a potential client, call many times throughout the first day (such as 6-8 times) and end the day with an email. Be persistent! Let them know in the email exactly what you are looking to sell. Offer to run a free audit, if necessary. Sometimes, letting a business know where they already stand makes them more interested to ask for help.

Also, following up a lot is not as annoying as it seems. When people are busy, it may take them a while to answer their phone.

Stay Focused, The point of getting to know them before talking to them is so that you don't have to ask them questions about their product or life for that matter. You can talk straight forwardly, ask ask them what they want for their business (to grow, stay the same, increase products, etc). Allow them to realize we can help any company, small or large. Show them how even a free audit on their webpage can increase the number of leads simply by having people fill out their contact information. Give them proof for how other leads (and clients) have had great business success since their SEO investment.

Don't Let Them Fool YOU. You're the salesperson, so be persistent but also don't let them yes you to death with no sale agreement. Be honest about what their budget would get them or let them know how much it would cost them if they want ___ and ___ done in x amount of time. This saves time and energy. Allowing potential clients to know what your SEO lead is and understanding their budget is a for sure way of telling whether or not they will become a buyer.

Social Media & Websites. Get clients familiar with social media if they aren't already. Social media can be linked to their webpages and vice-versa. We offer to work with our clients social media pages and webpages to increase their sales. Improving their social media and webpages is essential for their success and for your success.

For more information on how to obtain SEO leads, contact me at 646-450-2431 or email us at Our goal is to help you increase your business, to turn leads into buyers, and to move your business higher on search engines.