Get SEO Clients Guide

Our Training Guide to sell SEO services over the phone will Increase the most Conversions out of your SEO Leads bought from us.

Once after you buy your leads we will confirm receipt and process your order. The leads when they come in contain the potential leads name, email, url, phone, message and who sent the message know as the (Alias).

Think of the alias as a person on your team who reached out to them via email. The lead responded interest to this person and sent a message. This message from the SEO lead is in the message field.

The Initial Contact

Based on the message, some will say contact me at a time, or yes they are interested in more info. When you do the first call it should always start out with “Hi, my name is “John” I work for “your company” and you responded to an email from “Alias” (Katie/John) he/she handles our client outreach. I am calling to set up an appointment to go over your analysis/proposal. End the call.

The SEO Analysis Call

We use semrush, woorank, and for our analysis tactics. Most are free, semrush and woorank is paid but gets the job done faster and nicer. Semrush will show the opportunities of keywords after the first page and their difficulty and monthly volume. Woorank / pingdom or gtmetrix will show the website errors. Your goal is to show this data, present it in a clear concise manner. After that it’s time to set up the proposal call. Tell them you will be sending proposal / pricing, it is OK to give a ballpark figure also. But in the proposal better to break down during the official SEO Proposal.

The Proposal

Send your proposal to the client and close the deal.