Looking for an SEO Company or Internet Marketing Consultant in NYC?

Hey you!, are you looking for an SEO Company or Internet Marketing Consultant in NYC? There are literally thousands of us and we are growing by the minute, if you are in the market to hire an SEO consultant or company you should have a checklist of items on hand or complete before setting foot into this online/internet marketing world.

First determine whether or not your targeting local or national customers. If you are a brick and mortar shop who needs the client or customer to come in then you will ultimately want to focus strongly on local search engine optimization. If you are a brick and mortar shop and deal with clients or customers locally but also can ship or deliver services via the internet then you can do both local and national search optimization.

Second, determine a workable budget, a goal and get some opinions, you should see a return on investment within a certain time frame, did you know that sometimes for every dollar spent you can see 7-10.00 as a return on investment, this by far beats a lot of other and more traditional ways of marketing your business.

Third check to see what your local competition is doing, there are many forms of internet marketing for small business' such as organic search engine optimization, local search engine optimization, pay per click advertising/SEM, social media marketing/SMO and some more like lead generation.

Fourth, get some quotes have some meetings and talk to several SEO consultants in your area, you will be surprised that there are many knowledgeable people in this field and they are willing to share some advice and ideas with you.

Fifth, make a decision and go with it, you should get a keyword list, where you rank currently and a report of whatever they plan on doing for your small business, you should get monthly or weekly reports and be able to talk to them about new ideas and current ranking progress and so on.

So there you have it Mr or Mrs. small business owner, go get some advice and start turning more of a profit for your business today, you won't regret it and it will pay for itself in no time by choosing the right SEO company in NYC you will be sure to make a good dent on those search engines.

Did you know or have a question for a search engine consultant in NYC? Get in contact with him below, hes available to answer some questions about search, rankings, website re design, implementing seo on websites and so on. Go on don't be shy give him a call now.

Free and Discounted SEO Leads now Available

Hey! we've gotten literally hundreds of emails asking for free samples, while we don't normally do this , we have added 2 new sections to our website. A discount SEO Leads page and a Free SEO Leads Page, where one can simply go and download a sample real lead and see how it looks and get a feel for our company and what we are all about.

We have been in the SEO game for years, some say it has made us an animal, but there's rules to this SEO stuff, so we wrote a manual, kind of like a step by step booklet to get your SEO Game on track, so you don't fall back, check it out and take our advice on closing these leads, hey its so easy check it out at SEO LEAD FAQ.

Back in the day it wasn't this easy in finding quality SEO Leads, we are here to stay and help you. Straight out of Brooklyn born and raised come get your leads the NYC way and be impressed, we are in the process of making a customer testimonial section and if you are a previous company that purchased some SEO Leads from us we are wanting to here from you and will even feature you and your review on our site with a link to your website too!

Just shoot us an email or fill out the contact form, thanks.

Congrats on WordPress’ 10 Year Anniversary

wordpress-10th-anniversayWe've been with ya a long time WordPress. We have had ups, downs, separations, malware infections and hacked sites. We (The Community) made WordPress what it is today. What started out as a simple blogging platform morphed into something much much more bigger. They power 18% of the world wide web for crying out loud. I found myself blogging in WordPress in 2007, after many blogs later learning some code, checking out some cool must have plug ins(sexy bookmarks, all in one seo, contact form 7 anyone?) found myself using it on any new idea i had and suggesting it to power most of my clients sites.

I have been a long supporter of WordPress for its convenience, its accessibility and its backend which you can customize and make your web editing, developing, writing, organizing much easier for you. Way to go Matt and the team and i hope 10 years from now you got 50% of the web down pat!

Selling SEO Services in NYC

nycseoIt's no joke when it comes to SEO in NYC there are thousands of SEO Consultants and SEO firms to choose from how does one stand out? I deal with a lot of local businesses and every time we meet for our monthly meeting for an hour 2 times during our meeting they will get a call from someone offering SEO services. Most companies are from the New York City area but a few are national SEO companies and a couple from India.

The point of this is to say never get too comfortable with your clients, always bring value to their business and you will most likely keep them for a long time. There are many firms out there trying to get your clients and educating your client, providing value and building a business/friendship is the best way to make it in the SEO industry.

On a side note I offer SEO services for small to medium sized businesses in the NYC area. I make visits to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and sometimes (just kidding!) Long Island. I have an excellent reputation and my clients are all on the top of the search results. Feel free to reach out to me if you need help on your search engine optimization, a question about your content or whatever. Thanks and take care.


There are only 3 sweet SEO Leads left

seo-consultant-indiaHey there, as of now, there are only 3 more seo leads left, one is for a financial training school in Manhattan that is looking for organic seo, the other is a Avon lady looking for local seo and the other is a auto car part and auto dealer selling cars from New Jersey looking to rank on page 1 in a easy niche.

We know you can close these leads, so what are you waiting for? a written invitation? haha. just kidding.

Try our leads out now, we will be adding more leads today. Also we are thinking of adding a seo cold calling section that will have scripts of what to say to these potential clients when calling them. (Actually that is such a great idea I am working on that now!) hopefully I will get it up for those people who are in need of help.

Have a productive day everyone and lets make some money!

Welcome to our SEO Lead getting site

We just redesigned our system and made our exclusive seo lead buying easier than ever! Simple click and add whichever seo leads you want to buy, checkout, and these seo leads will be delivered instantly to you!

Can you say awesome! We love seo consultants, we are a breed of our own, go getters and trend setters who are evolving the way business does marketing for the web.

Feel free to purchase a lead or two and give us a try, our seo leads are top quality. Also subscribe to this wicked cool blog for updates on when we add new leads to our system so you can be notified and grab it first before someone else does. We only sell one lead and then its gone, and when its gone its gone.