Growth on YouTube is often a mix of art and science, with content creators constantly seeking the best strategies to expand their audience. I embarked on a journey last week to significantly increase my channel’s subscriber count using YouTube’s promotion tools, and the results were both enlightening and surprising.

The Experiment Begins

With an aim to grow my subscriber base, I turned to YouTube promotion, setting my sights on specific countries and demographics. Initially, I allocated $137 towards this endeavor, which netted a staggering 530,000 impressions and brought in 1,450 subscribers from non-English speaking countries.

The Unexpected Twist

However, this initial success came with an unforeseen challenge. I quickly realized that these new subscribers, while numerous, were not engaging with my content. The language barrier possibly played a significant role in this lack of interaction, leading me to reassess my strategy.

Refining the Approach

Learning from this, I shifted my focus towards English-speaking countries, theorizing that a shared language would lead to higher engagement. This time, I invested $65 in promotion, which resulted in 71 new subscribers. Although the number was smaller, the quality of engagement promised a more sustainable growth.

Quantity vs. Quality

This experience underscored a crucial lesson in content creation and promotion: the value of targeting the right audience. It became clear that attracting subscribers from relevant demographics, those who could genuinely connect with my content, was far more beneficial than merely chasing higher subscriber numbers.

Beyond Subscribers: Seeking Engagement

Following the promotional campaign, I posted new videos to welcome my new subscribers and gauge their engagement. Despite my efforts, the anticipated increase in interaction did not materialize, prompting me to plan further testing.

The Road Ahead

This journey has just begun. The insights gained from this experiment have laid the groundwork for more nuanced strategies in content promotion and audience engagement. I’m committed to exploring different approaches, analyzing the data, and sharing my findings with the community.


The quest for YouTube growth taught me valuable lessons about targeting the right audience and the importance of engagement over sheer numbers. As I continue to refine my strategies, I look forward to sharing more successes and challenges, hoping to provide a roadmap for fellow creators in the ever-evolving landscape of YouTube.

Stay tuned for updates on my journey and more insights into the world of YouTube promotion and content creation.