It’s no secret that getting new clients for SEO is tough. What if you discovered a way to increase your agencies clientele by 1-3 new clients per week?

That sounds amazing right?

Well if you can get 20-30 leads from people interested in SEO per week that can happen!

How can you achieve this number?

You can look up how to get seo clients on linkedin and spend days after days contacting people and getting blocked.

You can look for how to get seo clients on reddit and find some tips on spending thousands of dollars in PPC or attending networking events (Thanks Covid)

You can go on upwork and compete with thousands of  SEO freelancers who will get the job over you.

You can buy 30 leads from interested people looking for SEO help from us! (Ding! Ding! Ding!)

Did you know that we are your best kept secret weapon in the SEO industry? We generate leads for fractions of the cost and save you not only thousands of dollars in PPC spend or employee costs, but also can produce 1 or 20 seo leads per day for you.

The way it works is simple! You place an order and we put you in the system.

Within 1-2 business days, leads come in and are forwarded to you and only you!

You call them right away to schedule their free seo audit!

You then show them all their problems on their website and then at the end you can show them how by using your services you can help them!

Rinse and Repeat.

*we sell to hundreds of agencies over the years and built a huge clientele and look at the data, our data says as long as you are selling in the same country that you are located, for every 20 leads purchased you should expect 1-3 sales within 2-6 weeks after making contact, more or less.