The number one task to start with if you are looking to improve your website’s SEO is to get an SEO audit by an SEO Audit Consultant. This is a professional who can help not only identify but correct errors that are preventing your website from ranking high on search engines like Google. Most are probably thinking, Ok…. How much does it cost to hire an SEO auditing consultant? Well in this blog post we will break down typical costs of hiring an SEO Audit consultant and even provide some awesome tips for our SEO bros and gals out there to help find someone that will help be the best for your business.

The SEO Audit Benefits when hiring a consultant

There are numerous benefits in hiring an SEO audit consultant which can help your business. An SEO audit consultant doesn’t really need to show you past audits etc from other companies they helped but rather show how they can help you. I mean, who has the time to look through references of other companies audits when you need to be looking at your own. You should see that they are qualified based on reviews and most likely they have some articles, you tube videos or case studies about what they do. They will help discover errors that are preventing your website from ranking like speed issues, technical issues and SSL issues to name the core main ones. After they put together the audit this can help make it easier as now you can break up the work in tasks and now you have a plan of action to start getting to work. With a little research (googling) you can be rest assured to find one that can provide you with the guidance you need to start increasing your websites search engine ranking positions.

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How the heck is an SEO Audit Proposal Made?

An SEO Audit Proposal is made with a combination of manual and automated (AI) tools. It is broken down in sections that will list the pages and problem/errors it will handle. It would also be helpful that it lists a timeline or timeframe that it will take to get these errors taking care of. Once you have this information you can then compare this proposal with other offers and choose the best one that you like and think will work out.

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Should you ask for an SEO Audit Sample from the consultant?

It would be helpful if they gave a brief sample of their work so you can get an idea of how extensive it would be and if it is cookie cutter with generic information or if it is something really substantial. If you are looking for an SEO Audit Consultant you can contact Advernation our sister company who specializes in this work. They have a team and are located in NYC and someone will work with you one on one providing you the services that you need to get your business to the top positions.

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How much does an SEO Audit cost from an E-Commerce website?

You can expect to shell out anywhere from $200 – $20,000 depending on the size of the site, pages etc. If it is a small to medium sized business the cost will be substantially lower. If you are talking enterprise level with many locations and thousands of products, expect to pay a premium price for that. Did you know the several factors that affect the price of the SEO Audit?

  • The amount of pages that you have on your website
  • How complex it is
  • The amount of competition (competitiveness)
  • The S.O.S.E.O (State of SEO)
  • The Experience levels of your SEO

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Why do you even need an SEO Audit Expert?

Well,  an SEO Audit is a vital step to any digital marketing strategy. It points out what you are weak in and how you can improve. Overtime you will see an increase in your rankings by doing these improvements. Typically, there is a 28 day waiting period after the work is done and the site is resubmitted to our dear friend Google. We refresh Googles Search Console or Webmaster Tools (whatever they feel like calling it at the time). The SEO Audit Expert will then make a list and give you a report with all the information that will get your business ranking well again. They will use a combination of tools to analyze your websites site speed, technical issues like low word count, duplicate titles, content, descriptions, broken pages, invalid SSL etc to name a few. Sometimes it is best to hire an SEO agency that uses these tools at an enterprise level. They will probably have a fast turnaround time and will talk you through it with ease.

While you can do it yourself, for a few hundred bucks it is well worth it to have someone do it for you. They will also explain it in great detail. This frees up your time to keep focusing on your business. Then, on your time you can go over it when it is ready. The SEO audit expert will give you an unbiased report. This will contain a clear objective that will include all the steps necessary to proceed to reach new higher positions on Google.

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What are the Benefits of Hiring an SEO Audit Expert?

Numerous reasons exist why you should hire an SEO expert. They include; ranking your website higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Positions), Identify opportunities for keywords that you may have missed, or not realize that someone is searching for, raise the rating (authority) of your website and most importantly get your website evaluated by someone not familiar with your business that has a fresh eye for it.

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What are the advantages of an Affordable SEO Audit?

An affordable SEO Audit identifies opportunities and problems. They will point out what can affect the ability of your website to rank high on Google. By receiving a comprehensive SEO audit report, it will include a list of actions that are recommended by the consultant to take. You will be confident in knowing that you are on the right way to start dominating your competitors. This will lead your website to start moving up in the keyword rankings.

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Thinking Time

Hiring an SEO audit consultant is a great way to find out what is holding back your website. You want to beat your competitors and get above them after-all right? You can expect to pay $200-$300 for a basic website audit. The SEO website audit will be higher for a site with substantial content, pages and issues. Make the right choice today and get a free initial SEO Audit Consultation from Advernation. They can help all your digital marketing goals and dreams come true!