Anyone knows that cold calling is so 1980’s there are better ways to get sales than making 300 phone calls a day to random businesses. One way is using our lead generation which takes cold leads and turns them into warm leads for you to call. After all, they are expecting the call!

Our process is simple, we reach out to businesses that need SEO services and offer them an SEO analysis, to which they respond in a positive manner. We take that information and sell it to you who will do the call. The info contains, name, company nameĀ  url, phone, alias (person on our end who sent the message), their message and email. You then prepare the analysis and give them a phone call.

We test these on our own agency and our sales can get 3 out of 20 on average.

What are the cons?

There may be a running around period setting up the best time to do the call.

It may take 3-5 calls before sale to build trust.

Some people may want the free report and that’s it.

It’s up to you to build the trust and show them that you are the authority and can help!

What are the pros?

Much cheaper than YOU running a PPC campaign and spending $150 per lead when we sell as low as $15 per lead.

Our leads are responsive and if not, we replace them

They are all exclusive and generated just for you!

The leads we sell are delivered in real time!

That sums up how we can grow your agency in a nutshell.

Still not convinced? Give us a phone call!