Instant Create

Snapchat is launching a new tool, called Instant Create. Instant Create consists of only three steps to generate an ad. This is a simpler way to create Snapchat-optimized ads.

The Three Steps:

Step 1: Select a goal –brand awareness, app installations, sign-ups, etc.
Step 2: Enter your business website or URL that you want to direct your audience too
Step 3: Select your audience

Hit the publish button, your ad is ready.

It seems too simple, right? Well, Snapchat says that Instant Create is designed for advertisers or small businesses with limited resources who want to start using Snapchat to advertise on.

Where’s the creative part?

People who use Instant Create will not need to design their own ad. Snapchat will create it for you automatically.

When Snapchat is creating your ad, they will either use your website or the URL you entered. From there, they will pull pictures off your site you entered in and use them for the ad. Want to use different photos? You may upload your own images if you would like.

What do you think of Instant Create? Leave your comments down below.