There are only 3 sweet SEO Leads left

seo-consultant-indiaHey there, as of now, there are only 3 more seo leads left, one is for a financial training school in Manhattan that is looking for organic seo, the other is a Avon lady looking for local seo and the other is a auto car part and auto dealer selling cars from New Jersey looking to rank on page 1 in a easy niche.

We know you can close these leads, so what are you waiting for? a written invitation? haha. just kidding.

Try our leads out now, we will be adding more leads today. Also we are thinking of adding a seo cold calling section that will have scripts of what to say to these potential clients when calling them. (Actually that is such a great idea I am working on that now!) hopefully I will get it up for those people who are in need of help.

Have a productive day everyone and lets make some money!

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Chris Maddaloni is an SEO consultant in the NYC area. While he has a full clientele he sells additional leads that come in to him for a very small fee.

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  • Curtis

    Are your leads established businesses that can handle an additional 500+ quality leads a year?

    My common issue is that some of the clients that I sign up struggle to handle all the phone calls from my marketing.

    I am willing to pay more than $20 if they are businesses that are looking to grow.

    • All of the businesses looking for SEO are hungry for leads. I try to put a good description for everyone to see what there needs are so they can judge for themselves exactly what they are looking to accomplish. Hope that helps answering your question on our leads.

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