Benefits of Exclusive SEO Leads vs. Shared SEO Leads

Would you share your companies revenue with a competitor? Most would say NO to that question. So, why would you share your SEO Leads? We want to set the record straight. We only sell and recommend people to buy exclusive SEO leads. The only reason someone will buy shared SEO leads is budget, they are obviously cheaper than exclusive leads.

Did you know our exclusive leads are even cheaper than our competitors shared leads if bought in bulk?

You may think OK, I will buy my leads in bulk and give it to a salesperson to cut his teeth on, but in reality, he’s better just cold calling random businesses at that point. He will get discouraged, you’ll get a lot of “I already spoke to someone today, or a busy signal from the other 5 SEO agencies trying to get to the lead. In the event you do get a proposal through (which is rare) they have dozens to look through. This reason alone, will diminish your chances.


Top 5 Reasons To Buy Exclusive Leads

  1. It is your lead forever, put it in your mail list and nurture it. It is your lead and if you didn’t get the sales the first month, later down the road, they’ll remember you. Countless times we pitched and made the sale 2-3 months down the road.
  2. It costs almost the same price as a shared SEO lead with our competitors.
  3. You don’t have to compete with 3-5 other agencies and annoy the client.
  4. Exclusive leads convert 75% better than shared leads based on industry tests.
  5. You won’t burn through salespeople and have meaningful conversations with the potential client.

We want to make our clients selling SEO services as comfortable and well informed as possible when selling to our leads. Read our other pages discussing things like how to approach the leads you bought as well as learning what analysis tools and reporting procedures we utilize to make sure our clients come back month after month.