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Get Me SEO Leads For Sale

seo_consultant_servicesWe are in the lead generation business. We specialize in leads in mostly the internet marketing and SEO fields. With hundreds of sites out there we are constantly generating seo leads at an affordable price where we can turn around and offer seo companies an easy and great way of outsourcing their lead fetching and cold calling improving their chances in closing the client by 100 %.

We offer a money back guarantee for all of our leads, we know some are invalid, and some might be a little off with data, very few but we understand and will refund all invalid leads.

Our clients have a close rate at about 2 out of 10. Meaning for every 10 leads they buy the majority close about 2 leads, 2 leads in the SEO industry = thousands of dollars over the course of a year or more. Plus most companies can upsell them everything from reputation management, local seo, web redesign, programming, article writing, blogging and countless numbers of other great stuff.