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Roofing SEO Leads

Are you a SEO Company that specializes in the roofing industry? We specialize in providing these roofing leads to SEO Agencies that want to market roofing website design, roofing SEO services to the roofing industry.

Also narrow your target by a state or city! 

We sell SEO Leads from Roofing Contractors that are looking for optimizing their website, redesigning website, getting more leads and looking for help on this and willing to pay an agency to help them.

Dentist SEO Leads

We generate leads from dentists looking for website design and/or dental SEO services. We target them the same way, and these dentists are interested in finding out more information about your SEO services and how you can help their dental practice generate more business so they can spend more money with you!

All of our dental SEO leads, just like all of our other SEO leads are exclusive, take 1-3 days to generate and are looking for a savvy digital marketing person or firm to help generate more revenue for them.

Sometimes our leads take longer to generate if its a specific industry or city, but if you buy it, they will come, after the first lead comes in, you will be linked to a Google Doc, with leads all over it.

*Are you a dentist but not in the right place? Check our marketing partners site if you are looking for dental website design or SEO .

Lawyer SEO Leads

That’s right, these are leads from lawyers looking for information on how to expand their law practice and generate more money for themselves with the help of a online marketing specialist like yourself.

These SEO leads are exclusive, their humor is dry, but these can turn into some big residual accounts for a savvy SEO company that wants to take on some powerful clients and achieve digital marketing freedom.

All our SEO leads take 1-3 days to generate. Sometimes longer if its a specific industry or state / city. After ordering you will be emailed a confirmation on what to expect next, usually a nice juicy Google Doc with leads money all over it!

*Are you a lawyer or law firm but not in the right place? Check our marketing partners site if you are looking for lawyer website design services or SEO .

Social Media Leads

Social Media is a big part of business today. These leads are for US businesses looking to increase their social media presence on the web and need some great advice from an SEO Consultant like yourself.

These leads will be sent as soon as they come in, most leads are fulfilled within 1-5 days. Think of the up-sell potential here as well, most looking for social media optimization will also need help with web redesign, seo, ppc and more.

GEO Targeted SEO Leads

With our geo targeted leads, when you check out just enter the city you want to target and enter the radius in miles. We take care of the rest and start your campaign. We essentially become your marketing department and get leads for you. There is a minimum quantity of 30 because of the process and setup it takes and is involved, leads will start coming in as little as a day.

The leads we generate most of the time contain an email, url, phone and most of the time a name, we try to verify the lead as much as possible and as always any invalid leads are always replaced.

PPC Leads

This is for PPC leads, buy in bulk save money , these include US businesses that are willing to pay someone to manage their PPC campaigns, improve them and give them advice. These are invaluable because of the up-sell potential, think (organic seo, rep management, landing page design, etc)

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