The Best Way to Communicate About SEO Leads

Ever had a conversation via text with someone and something that you tried to joke about led to a full-blown argument? After explaining what you meant to say or your intentions behind saying what you said, things between the two of you might have eventually been cleared up, but now time has been wasted and tension might still exist in the conversation. The conflict could have been avoided altogether if either one of you decided to make a phone call to speak instead of texting.

When calling leads you bought from us, it is always better speaking over the phone rather than emailing. Tell the potential client who you are, where you and your company are from and who sent the message. Not only is it easier to avoid potential misunderstandings over the phone because how something is stated will likely be better understood, but to a possible future client a phone call will be more personal because they will be able to match a voice to the company they may want to do business with. If you speak to a potential client in ways that shows you care, such as taking the time to listen to their questions and concerns and expressing the many ways their needs can be met, the potential client will very likely want to do business with you.

At Get Me SEO, it is not only important to us that we generate successful leads for your agency (which we will and have done so for agencies for many years), but that we do it in a way that everyone stays on the same page and with as little conflict as possible. Call us today at 646-450-2431. Though we would love to speak with you one-on-one to do business, emailing us is still an option. You can email us at, and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.